Mat Clasen - El Teide Reloaded

El Teide Reloaded – chamber music meets Ableton

Chamber music in a contemporary sound
This project is about transporting forms of expression and composition of chamber music into a modern context and enriching and connecting them with techniques from popular music. It is important that the classical and compositionally strongly developed instrumental worlds of sound do not get lost in the populist cliché, on the contrary: the working methods and sound ideals of current popular music are intended to underline and emphasize the essence and intensity of a complex, chamber music composition.
For this purpose I use Ableton live, a DAW that is also used in drum 'n' bass, hip hop, grime, pop and similar music styles. Specifically, I work with the neo-impressionist works that I have for my wind ensemble Ensemble Elementary written and already recorded by cutting them up, altering them electronically and reassembling them in the form of samples and loops. In addition, I compose further fragments, record them, place them over the resulting loops and incorporate improvisations or drum loops.
There are more videos that were created as part of the creation process on my YouTube channel:

Many thanks to GEMA, who gave me the opportunity to implement this project with their grant:

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