Saxophone Solo Show

Standup-Saxophon, Die 1 Man Mixed Show

– Mat Clasen toured the world as a saxophonist for many years with James Last, Otto Waalkes and other renowned artists before deciding to step from the backstage to center stage with his saxophone solo show. For some time he has been working on the solo program, into which he not only incorporates his experience as an excellent musician, but also as a successful poetry slammer. Musically, he confidently moves between classic, jazz, soul and Balkan music, always surprisingly arranged and enriched with his own haunting compositions. The juggling with three burning saxophones doesn't quite work yet, but Mat Clasen comes frighteningly close with his virtuosic and entertaining saxophone show.

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Pressefoto Mat Clasen Saxophon Solo Show
Photo by Anda Ahrens

Press text:

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Press reports:

Appearance on 09.10.21, Cellesche Zeitung from 11.10.21
Pressebericht Mat Clasen Saxophon Solo Show Celle 09.10.2021

Appearance on 09/23/22, Elbe Jeetzel newspaper from 09/27/22
Pressebericht Mat Clasen Saxophon Solo Show Hitzacker 23.09.2022

Dates Saxophone Solo Show

Pony Bar – Hamburg  
Werk3 – Schwerin
Wendland tba  
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past appointments

Café Lohengrin – Hannover  
St. Johanniskirche, Dannenberg (Elbe)  
Kulturbahnhof Hitzacker  
Bergedorfer Mühle, Hamburg  
Art and Stage, Celle  

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