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  1. Thanks for the funny, perfect compositions and the matching videos for auld lang syne and Happy Birthday Sax vs Flutes. Can the sheet music be purchased?

    1. Hello Franz, thanks for the message, I'm glad to hear that. Unfortunately I don't have the sheet music of the two pieces (anymore). I think I only had them handwritten at the time. I will set up a sheet music shop on this site in the next few months. Maybe I'll write down the two pieces correctly when I get the chance and then get in touch again. Best regards, Mat Clasen

  2. Dear Matt,
    I hope I can use your first name.

    Thank you for this wonderful evening.

    I was very lucky to see your sister live a few times and even to meet her live in Hoopte.

    I was very moved yesterday how you and Katie moderated this evening. I lost my closest person, my mother, 2 years ago. And you inspired me last night to deal with it differently than I've done before. So far I've only missed her and mourned her. But you showed me that there is another way. Let go, but don't forget. Up until now I thought that was mutually exclusive.

    A thousand thanks for everything and all the best for you and your family.

    Regy will never be forgotten. And this evening too.

    love to you all,

    1. Dear Dieter, thank you for your message. I am very pleased that the concert moved you. All the artists also helped me to process the loss. Best regards, Matt

  3. Hello Mat! I've just read/heard about your cool 3/4 Funk “Three's a Crowd” on Facebook and ordered the item immediately. It will be played for the first time in the next rehearsal of my quartet "Windkraft 4" saxophone quartet (website is under construction). Thanks very much!

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