Mat Clasen Studio Saxophonist Flötist


Sought-after and experienced studio musician

– As a studio saxophonist and flautist, Mat Clasen has appeared on over 100 CD productions. After decades of calls to renowned recording studios like this HOME, chameleon, loft, Gaga, port sound, Hastings, Peppermint Park, Studio North, boogie park, Peter Hoffman etc., Mat has set up his own recording studio specializing in brass recordings. Here he records saxophone and flute stems for clients all over the world. In addition to countless solos, instrumental lines and brass sections, Mat's unmistakable sound can also be heard in various commercial music, film music, sound logos and radio and TV productions.

A complete discography can be here see. Go to Mat's entry at Discogs here.


– Mat is available for recordings of all common saxophones (baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone and soprano saxophone), all common transverse flutes (bass flute, alto flute, great flute and piccolo), bass clarinet, clarinet in Bb and exotic flutes such as Irish tinwhistle, lowshistle, Chinese Bamboo flute and pan flute. For special requests, Mat is happy to arrange excellent musicians from his collegial environment. Also wind sections with its experienced and well-established horn section BOXHORNS are possible. Non-binding advice and binding offers can be requested via info(at)matclasen.